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Mayumi Hama

First Album

- Soundscapes -
Mayumi released her first CD, "Soundscapes", in 2000, which received high opinion from several critics.

Variations on Japanese Children's Songs(Keiko Abe) サウンドスケープス Soundscaped
Wind Sketch-for solo Marimba(Keiko Abe)
Coyote Dreams(Michael Udow) ※Sound (Youtube)
Memories of the Seashore(Keiko Abe)
Dream of the Cherry Blossoms(Keiko Abe)
Marimba Spiritual(Minoru Miki)
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Mayumi released her first CD, "Soundscapes", in 2000, which received high opinion from several critics.
"Mayumi Hama is an extraordinary marimba player. She has flawless technique and a remarkable ability to control dynamics and color, along with a finely-honed sense of phrase structure" (American Record Guide, Nov / Dec 2001).
"I have heard several excellent recordings featuring marimba artists, and Hama's recording is at the top of the list. Her accuracy and spirit of expression are equally daunting" (Percussive Notes, June 2001).

First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to Professor Keiko Abe, Dr. Michael Udow, Michigan Percussion Group, Mr. Will Spencer, and Mr. Michael P. Tanner for their great support upon making this CD album.
The completion of the CD came through many encounters and experiences with people across the border by the means of music. The time we spent talking a lot about music while eating sushi and pizza together on our break is one of the most enjoyable moment I remember.

I love every piece of this CD. However, the fourth piece "Memories of the Seashore" is the most memorable piece of mine.
This is the one I came across at the age of ten, when I first visited Professor Abe's home for the marimba lesson.
At that time, she had just composed the piece, and she performed it right in front of me.
I can never forget the rich and profound sound of the marimba I heard there. Since then, to create such sound has always been my motive. And I always play this piece at my concerts with the hope of communicating and sharing with others this great experience I had.

Online Shop / アソシエイト
Producer / Michael W. Udow
Distribution / Equilibrium

Second Album

- The Breath of the Tree ~ Works for marimba duo by Keiko Abe - 2010 release

Prism Ⅱ ~ for Two Marimbas ~ サウンドスケープス Soundscaped
Wind Sketch Ⅱ ~ for Two Marimbas ~
Wind in the Bamboo Grove Ⅱ ~ for Two Marimbas ~
Tambourin Paraphrase ~ for Two Marimbas ~
Wind Across Mountains ~ for Two Marimbas ~
Reflections on Japanese Children’s Songs Ⅱ
~ for Two Marimbas ~ Revised Version
The Breath of the TreeⅡ ~ for Two Marimbas~
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World Premier

Ching-Chu Hu

- Dragonfly ~ for Marimba (2012)


- BARhythm II ~ for Marimbas & piano (2001) ※委嘱作品
- 短い夜明けのディスクリプション(全4曲) for marimba & piano (2001) ※委嘱作品
- 和歌による4つの断片より<春・夏・秋・冬> for marimba solo (2004) ※委嘱作品

Laurie San Martin

- Iayover / overlay ~ Concerto for two marimbas and orchestra ~ (2012) ※Sound (Youtube)
- Iayover / overlay two ~ duet for two marimbas ~ (2014)
- Iayover / overlay ~ Concerto for two marimbas, Chamber orchestra version ~ (2014)

Mika Pelo

- Broken Wings (2014)

Pablo Ortiz

- We danced the famous morango (2014)


- EXHALE ~ for marimba solo (2011) ※委嘱作品
- Procession ~ for two marimbas (2011)


- 森の詩 (2012) ※委嘱作品

Other Recoded Works
- "Schizoid" (from "Timelines" album by Michael Udow) played by Mayumi Hama and Chris Froh

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