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Marimba Lesson
Mayumi Hama
Marimba Lesson
Mayumi Hama Marimba School (Place: Nerima-ku, Tokyo)
Any levels of students from kids to adults are welcome.
The date and time of the lessons will be decided individually.
Please note that the date and time of the lessons will vary depending on my concert schedule.
Message from Mayumi Hama
Recently, we often come across the marimba music on TV commercials and in many other places. The marimba is attractive both as a musical instrument that expresses the tenderness of wood and as a percussion.
Anybody who wants to learn how to play the marimba is welcome. Even if you do not have a marimba at home, do not worry. Let's enjoy the marimba together!
If you are interested,e-mail me here.>>Contact
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About Marimba
The marimba is a musical instrument in the percussion family with musical tones. It belongs to a kind of xylophone.
On a marimba, there are wooden bars called "sound boards" ranged like a piano keyboard, and there are metal tubes, or resonators, beneath them. The tender sound of wood that reverberates well and the profound sound of the low keys are the features of the marimba. At the most, the marimba can be played using 6 mallets.

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