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CDs of the top artists from both Japan and overseas are available.
Released "Soundscapes"

Michael W.Udow
A worldwide percussionist and composer, who is also well known for a CD producer. He is one of my professors.

Yuuko Inoue
A marimbist Yuuko Inoue's website
Marimba's friends

Miyoko Irie
A singer Miyoko Irie's website
Chanson's friends

Keiko Nakagawa / Hiroshi Okubo
Information on the two active musicians, a marimbist Keiko Nakagawa and a percussionist Hiroshi Okubo
Marimbist / Percussionist

Takuro Fukasaku
He specializes on the study of Social Education, Child Growth and Arts Management. He has worked on several books related to "Child Growth".
An expert on the study of Social Education and Child Growth

Musician's Street
A music information website introducing artists of various music genres.
A music information web site
An information website specializing in marimba. It provides information on concerts, CDs, etc.
Marimba information website
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