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Mayumi Hama
Mayumi Hama graduated with top honors in percussion performance(Marimba Major) from the Toho Gakuen College of Music. After completing the graduate course at the college, she was admitted to the University of Michigan for a special post-masters research course.

She studied the marimba under Keiko Abe and Michael Udow, the percussion performance under Kyoichi Sano, and the drum set under Michael Gould.

Mayumi Hama’s Career
"Mayumi Hama and Friends From Michigan" (Anchore concert) in Shimosuwa, Nagano
Played in the 13th Academi percussive enseble performance “The Shattered Mirror” as a guest performer in Seoul, Korea
"Marimba and Piano Houga-coppice-no Oto Concert” in Miyoshi-cho, Saitama
"PIANO & MARIMBA Bikkuri! Odoroki-no Ongaku-kai” (piano & marimba concert) in Takeo-shi, Saga
"HINASE Smile Classic Concert” in Hinase-cho, Okayama
"Mayumi Hama Marimba Concert” in Hitachinaka-shi, Ibaraki
Performed in “Masanori Kato Gosenfu-no Canvas” at Tiara Koto, Tokyo
"Wakabatachi Joint Concert” at Tuda Hall, Tokyo
"Kazoku-no Ongakukai” (concert for families) in Izumo-shi, Shimane and in Setoda-cho, Hiroshima
A joint concert in Mitsukaido-shi, Ibaraki
"Cello & Marimba Fresh Concert” in Yamakawa-cho, Tokushima
"Marimba and Piano Oshaberi Concert” in Kawaguchiko-shi, Yamanashi
"Mayumi Hama and Friends From Michigan” (concert)at the Bunkyo Civic Hall (Tokyo) and in Hikone-shi, Shimane
Performed in “Masanori Kato Gosenfu-no Canvas Vol.2” at Monnaka Tenjo Hall, Tokyo
Played at a concert for children in Okaya-shi, Nagano
"DEBUT CONCERT 12:15” at Toppan Hall in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
Mayumi Hama Marimba Concert” in Hikone-city, Shiga and Suwa-shi, Nagano
Played at the Marimba Festival as a guest performer in Fukita-shi, Osaka
"Hama Mayumi to Kataru Marimba no Yuube” at Kitatopia in Kita-ku, Tokyo
Releised her first CD “soundscapes” in U.S.A
Held a memorial recital for winning the prize at the competition
"Mayumi Hama Recital” in Shimosuwa-cho, Nagano
Played at the International Marimba Festival as a guest performer in Fukita-shi, Osaka
Played at the Percussive Arts Society Convention as a guest performer in Dallas, Texas
Held a recital at the Opera House Recital Hall in Seoul, Korea
Held a recital in Michigan, U.S.A
Played at the concert of the University of Michigan
Won the 2nd prize at the 2nd World Marimba Competition
Performed on NHK Nagano TV
Played in “The Shattered Mirror”, the world’s first percussion opera held by the Percussive Arts Sciety Convention in Orlando, Florida.
Concert tour in Ireland.
Performed at the Japanese Music Festival
Performed at the 67th Yomiuri Concert for noteworthy new players on the recommendation of the Dean of the Toho Gakuen College of Music
Concert tour in Shiga, Nara, and Fukushima prefectures
Performed on NHK’s Educational TV
Performed with the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra
Performed on NHK’s Educational TV
Performed in China as a member of a goodwill mission (Tianjin, Beijing)
Mayumi Hama also performs other activities such as more cozy salon concerts and events at schools, welfare institutions and public facilities. >>

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