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June 11, 2004
Mayumi Hama and Friends from Michigan
Mayumi Hama and Friends from Michigan Mayumi Hama and Friends from Michigan
-The Encore Concert-
(Suwa city, Nagano)
Performers/Dan DeSena (Perc.), David Tolen (Perc.), Christopher Froh (Perc.)
Art/Sachiko Yamazaki (ink painter)

Mayumi Hama and the fellows from Michigan -Program-
Itsuki Fantasy for Six Mallets (Keiko Abe)
Medley of Japanese songs (Seiji Yokoyama)
Symmetrical Soundscapes (Kenny Endo)
Ghanaia (Mattias Schmitt arr.C.Froh)
Spain (Chick Corea arr.Mayumi Hama)
Five pieces after Paul KLEE "One who Runs Swifty" (Tunehiro Sukegawa)
Four pieces from Waka "Summer" (Masanori Kato)
Pineapple Rag (Scott Joplin arr.Mayumi Hama)
Maple Leag Rag (Scott Joplin arr.Mayumi Hama)
Marimba Spiritual (Minoru Miki)

1.Itsuki Fantasy for Six Mallets
This piece was performed using six mallets.
Itsuki Fantasy for Six Mallets

2.Medley of Japanese songs
Medley of "Zui Zui Zukkorobashi", "Sakura", and "Oedo Nihon-bashi"

3.Symmetrical Soundscapes
As in the title, it was performed by the two performers playing Japanese drums while moving symmetrically; David Tolen on the left, and Dan DeSena on the right.
David Tolen
David Tolen is a native of Santa Fe and has performed with Santa Fe Pro Musica, the Santa Fe Symphony, the New Mexico Symphony, the Santa Fe Opera, and the Santa Fe New Music Ensemble.
He was principal percussionist of the Midland/Odessa Symphony, and has performed with the Ann Arbor Symphony, Michigan Opera Works and the Flint Symphony.
He is currently principal percussionist of the Sarasota Opera.
Symmetrical Soundscapes

The improvisation of the hand drum by Christopher Froh with the marimba performance.
Christopher Froh
Christopher Froh is a San Francisco freelance percussionist specializing in new music written for solo and chamber settings. He received his Bachelor?fs and Master?fs degrees in music at the University of Michigan and has also studied at the Eastman School of Music and the Toho Gakuen Conservatory of Music where he was a special audit student of marimbist Keiko Abe.
He is a member of the San Francisco Contemporary Music Players, the new music improvisation group sfSound, and Gamelan Sekar Jaya.
He teaches percussion at University of California at Davis.

It was performed with the percussion instrument made of the bottom of a drum.
Dan DeSena, who played the steal drum, joined the performance.
Dan DeSena
Dan DeSena has a doctorate in percussion performance from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where he studied with Michael Udow.
His performance credits include status as a regular member of the Ann Arbor Symphony, member of the Cajun/Zydeco band The Pittsfield Ramblers, and frequent appearances with the Latin Jazz Combo Los Gatos.
Dan has worked as a percussion instructor for the Cavaliers Drum and Bugle Corps, the Michigan Marching Band, and the Plymouth-Canton High School Drumline, among others.


2.Four pieces from Waka "Summer"
This piece was composed by a composer Masanori Kato based on the image of the Man'yoshu. The ink paint painted by an ink painter, Sachiko Yamazaki, and marimba jointly performed this piece.
Masanori Kato
After he graduated from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music as the top, he continued as the graduate student, and completed his master's degrees.
His works, beautifully written with the angle totally different from that of "contemporary music", and full of fresh and expressive voice, are loved by a lot of his fans.
Sachiko Yamazaki
She is an ink painter who currently works for the stage arts of various kinds of artists.
Four pieces from Waka

Rehearsal Scene
Rehearsing the introduction of the performing members with the performance using knifes and forks.
Rehearsal Scene

After the concert?
I was really glad to see the hall being full with the audience despite the rain.
The four days I spent with the percussionists I met in Michigan had been a delightful moment. We talked about music day to day, from the morning till the night.
I felt the joy of music afresh!!
I received a lot of wonderful comments from the audience. I'd like to introduce some of them here.
"I felt the music alive. It's just wonderful!"
"I could feel the image of the piece based on the Man' yoshu so clearly that I felt like I was unified with the performance."
"I was astonished by the music that can be seen. I was really impressed by the various attempts of the concert."
"I found myself naturally smiling after the performance. What made me do that?"
"I was healed after a long time. It was great to hear various kinds of percussion performances."
"Each one of them had very unique characteristics, and it was very interesting. The moment flashed by."
Many thanks to everybody who came to and supported our concert.
After the concert, we (the three percussionists and I) went back to our own wishing to perform together someday again. So, if this is realized, please come to enjoy our performance!
From the left
Christopher Froh, David Tolen, Dan DeSena
Christopher Froh, David Tolen, Dan DeSena, Mayumi Hama
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